24 May 2016 Seasonal food

Fruits and vegetables are grown in cicles. This way, depending on the season, the wise nature provides us of different fruits along the year based on the month, geographic situation and climathology. It is never an exact science. Hence, nothing is available all year round.

Therefore, we name seasonal food to those that in a given time of the year are in their highest peak, and ready to be crop.

Now, in the heart of spring, we find that vegetables like asparagus, peas, beans, peppers and zucchini, and fruits such as plums, cherries, persimmons, apricots and strawberries stand out among the rest for their quality. And as we get closer to June, food with green leaves such as  basil, tomato and watermelon gain more importance.

Moreover, eating seasonal food has tons of benefits as well! Here are a few of them:

1. Abundance of food makes it less expensive and more available for everyone.

2. Food is in its highest peak, hence it has an excellent flavor.

3. Along the year, there’s a wide range of food variety.

4. Eating local avoids many pesticides and pollutants treatments.

5. You contribute to the local community.

6. Seasonal food provides you from the specific nutrients and vitamins you will need to go through each season.

Just to summarize, eating seasonal food has nothing more than benefits! 

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