Last update: 31/03/2017

500,50 €

  • DONATIONS 2016

    • January – 20,00€
    • February – 36,50€
    • March – 36,00€
    • April – 28,50€
    • May – 38,50€
    • June – 54,50€
    • July – 47,00€
    • August – 16,50€
    • September – 32,00€
    • October – 28,50€
    • November – 41,00€
    • December – 29€
    • TOTAL – 408,00€

  • DONATIONS 2017

    • January – 23,00€
    • February – 34,50€
    • March – 35,00€
    • April –
    • May –
    • June –
    • July –
    • August –
    • September –
    • October –
    • November –
    • December –
    • TOTAL – 92,50€


Here you’ll find all the information about FelixSolidarity

The statistics in terms of different countries’ basic needs show the inequality we live in. Almost one in nine people starving in the world, about 57 million children can not attend school, 42% of them live in countries in conflict… We believe must continue fighting for basic needs until human rights are covered in every corner of the world. There is still a lot to do.


In such a context, Felix wants to do something. Through FelixSolidarity we try help a beautiful little place in Kenya: Kabernet. There, Rocio, and the Rutto Christinne created BAMBA PROJECT enhance the quality of life of children and women and in risk of social exclusion.

BAMBA PROJECT is NGO thats tries to eradicate poverty and injustice in one of the most disadvantaged areas in Kenya, the Rift Valley (Kabernet). Bamba’s two main objectives are:


1.- Welcome and provide basic resources (food, health, clothing and education) to the region’s orphans and foster their personal development and training during their childhood at the Bamba Orphanage.


2.- Helping women with HIV at risk of social exclusion through training projects and cooperation, so that they can improve their professional skills and obtain economic resources.

I knew BAMBA in August 2012 on a trip to Kenya. I’ve always been fascinated by Africa, but the Rift Valley, Kabernet and specially the moments shared with all the people who make Bamba possible immediately became very special to me. It is, and always will be, one of my favorite destinations. I feel very happy to help and to tell about wht this little-big project BAMBA is through FelixSolidari and, little by little, try to make the world a better place.


During the four times I’ve been there, I’ve seen with my own eyes how they manage the resources they have and I trust them 100%. That’s why I’ve been working with them for quite a long time so far.


When you ask your lunch you will have the option to click “FelixSolidari”. We will collect all donations and send 100% of the money to Bamba. We will update the amount collected weekly to keep you informed.


We want to be transparent so you have the certainty that your contributions reach where they have go. Any questions you can write us here.


“Mucha gente small in places pequeños, haciendo cosas pequeñas, can change the world.”
Eduardo Galeano


Asante sana!!! Thank you very much!!!

Photos: David Samaranch