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03 May 2016 Differences between being a vegetarian and vegan!

Have you ever wondered which is the main difference in between the two of them? Did you know that it purpose goes beyond following a diet? Below you will find briefly explained both modalities and some interesting curiosities as well.

Being a vegetarian is mainly related to following a specific diet that avoids eating animals but accepts consuming derivatives such as milk, eggs, or honey. Instead, being a vegan is quite more strict and is strongly related to a lifestyle. This lifestyle finds its fundamentals on the respect toward animals. Therefore in no way it’s allowed to consume animals or any other sort of derivatives. This implies avoiding meat, eggs or honey, as well as wearing a wool sweater or leather shoes, as going to the zoo or horse riding.

1.India is the country with the higher percentage of vegetarians, above 40% of its population.

2.Barcelona has been recently declared Veg-Friendly, with more than a 4% of its population.

3.The oldest vegetarianism civilization dates from the 7th century, settled at Indu Valley.

4.In many countries, being vegetarian is related to religion and respect toward others.

5.Being vegetarian has its consequences on health, It reduces cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

6.The environment will also get benefited. By growing more trees the CO2 emissions will be reduced.  

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