FELIX | Social Fooding (Barcelona)

We collaborate with SOCIAL FOODING

We do not want to waste food

What is Social Fooding?

Social Fooding is a foundation whose goal is to reduce the figure of 22% of the population of Catalonia that live below the poverty threshold. To do this, they take wasted food to people who are hungry.

And… how do they do it?

Social Fooding collects food surpluses from restaurants, hotels and other collaborating entities and, with the help of several NGOs with whom they work, they distribute it to the most disadvantaged families in Barcelona. Social Fooding’s volunteers collect and take the food wherever it is needed.

FELIX and Social Fooding collaborate on this important task. When we have a food surplus, we tell them and they take care of collecting and distributing it. We make sure, doing so, that our excess food does not end up in the trash and reaches those who need it most.