02 June 2016 travel to eat

If you are a big fan of trying new things and every time you hear the world “travel” you get chills of happiness all over your body, this is your post! Keep reading!

The reason for traveling is different for everyone. Some travel because they love to, others because they seek adventures or because they want to discover new things or oneself, others because they want to experience new things, and others because they simply want to eat! Yes, you heard right, to eat! Deorah Carter said once that you have to taste a culture to understand it. She was right on the spot, there is nothing like eating to discover the true soul of a place.

Now that summer is getting close, we would like to propose you to broaden your culinary horizon in your next destination. Although we live in a global world, nothing that can be cooked at home or ordered at the new Thai restaurant next to your apartment compares to what you can eat in the original country.

There’s a reason why there’s different food in each country, a reason why you can’t find everything everywhere. This is due to the history of each place, trade routes, war, technology, immigration, culture, and vegetation. One dish can travel anywhere, but there is a reason why it started at the place it did. And this history is shown in every bite.

Therefore, we have selected a few popular dishes around the world to help you experience new cultures through food! Serve yourselves!

GreekRed lentils and eggplant with moussaka.

AfricaJollof rice with fried banana.

TurkishChicken stew with walnuts and pomegranate balsamic Persian rice.

Nordic: Norwegian fish pie.

South AmericaQuinoa salad with mint and mango.

JapaneseTeriyaki chicken with leek and pepper fry.

Eastern EuropeGrilled steak with red wine, prunes and bacon.

AmericanSmoked chicken wings with barbecue sauce.

IndianChicken tikka masala.

CaribbeanCrab salad with avocado and mango.

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